Just a dad and coach who started to take pictures a couple of years ago. If I am not on the field coaching, I would rather be taking pictures than sitting in the stands. Two boys, Ryan, 22-yrs old, Senior at Linfield College, and Hank, 17-yrs old, 11th grade, for the 2016-2017 school year. Both boys played or play baseball, football, and basketball.

Still learning the best settings for all sports settings. Basketball in junior high or high school gymnasiums is a challenge due to the poor lighting - still working on that. In bright sunlight for baseball, I mess up sometimes too - help me! Maybe next season I'll figure it out...

After six years as Eastlake Little League President, 2006-2012 and coaching all of those years and more, done coaching as of 2014 season. Back helping out baseball as the President of Eastlake (HS) Baseball Boosters Club.

Keep Grinding!

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